Our  3D scanning services cover various industries such as digital entertainment, marketing, video games, film, virtual reality, medical science, and legacy preservation.  We provide a full range of 3D modeling and post production services that can bring a 3D scan into a fully functional animation ready asset stack for in game or offline rendering.

The xxArray 3D Capture Stage

The xxArray 3D capture stage is a complete mobile full body scanning solution featuring over 120 DSLRS.


This process represents the highest fidelity capture, for the most future-proofed characters, with the widest range of applications. 3D scanning and avatar creation separates the character and performance capture to create a high res future-proofed digital actor. The digital actor can then be placed within any environment and brought to life using performance capture, or be driven by AI for fully immersive interactivity.  


Our state-of-the-art portable system can travel just about anywhere and sets up in a few hours. The bcpcs is a mobile full body 3D capture stage featuring over 120 cameras. Full body with integrated head and dedicated hand cameras. 

Needing on location scanning? Let's talk.


We offer competitive pricing for our 3D scanning, production, and development services. 





+ Full Body Scan Processing

Includes 3D reconstruction and delivery of solved highres mesh, texture, and RAW camera photography.

+ Head Scan Processing

Includes 3D reconstruction and delivery of solved highres mesh, texture, and RAW camera photography.

+ Expression Scan Processing for Blend Shapes

Volume discounts are applied for expression scans. Includes 3D reconstruction and delivery of solved highres mesh, texture, and RAW camera photography.

+ RAW Source Photography Only

If you prefer to do processing in house we can provide source photography only.


+ Wireframe

The body and head are processed and fitted with new topology that is optimized for performance.

+ Rigging

All of the facial expressions are processed and used to create a facial blend shape rig. The body is rigged to a skeleton so it can perform using the motion capture data.

+ Materials & Shading

We create materials and shaders for texturing the skin, hair, eyes and clothing so they are optimized for their rendering engine.

+ Hair & Cloth

Digital hair and cloth are created from scans or made from scratch and are fitted to the avatar.

+ Animation

The captured animation data is used to drive the digital avatar to create a realistic performance. Because these are digital avatars, we can animate using motion capture, or AI to drive the animation creating a completely interactive performance.

+ Rendering

The rendering is where all the avatars and materials are used to make a realistic looking character in the engine that is used. For VR and AR performances, we use a realtime engine like Unity or Unreal.


Studio Session

Our capture studios are located at our Atwater Village studio and the UploadVR facility. We maintain a friendly atmosphere with a balance of studio work and lofty comfort. Standard Studio Services include:

  • Array Technician
  • Hair/make-up area
  • Changing Area
  • Guest WiFi
  • Client Lounge
  • Basic Craft Services

Additional Talent Accommodations

Our roots are in celebrity photography and can accommodate for demanding talent requirements.


  • Hair/ make-up Station
  • Separate Wardrobe Changing Room
  • Talent “Green Room”
  • Separate talent craft services
  • Dedicated talent production assistant

Additional Production Services

Full production services are available with talent and crew experienced in 3D scan sessions.

  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Make Up/Groomer/Hair Stylist
  • SFX Make-up
  • Casting Services
  • Catering
  • Valet



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