BlueVishnu is a 3D scanning solution and 3D human avatar platform

BlueVishnu specializes in 3D human reality capture and scanning services for various industries such as digital entertainment (video games, film and virtual reality), medical science (understanding more about the human body) and legacy preservation (preserving the likeness of influential individuals). 

We create high-end digital assets of humans and present assets to our customers in a very easy to use and expanding digital avatar platform. 

We are passionate to discover and collaborate on innovative projects in need of photorealistic digital avatars. Please contact us so if you are interested in our services.


We combine an intelligent high resolution 3D capture studio with a sophisticated post processing pipeline that streamlines the production and reduces the effort needed to produce and access a photorealistic 3D human character avatar.

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We provide a full range of 3D modeling and post production services that can bring a 3D scan into a fully functional animation ready asset stack for in game or offline rendering. 

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