Our mission is to unlock human potential with a 3D human avatar platform. We support this mission by making realistic human 3D avatars widely accessible and providing tools that use avatars for behavioral economics, telemedicine, telecommunication and legacy preservation.

I am Alexx Henry. I have an avatar and he changed my life.

I want you to imagine a future where we all had personal digital agents that help you make better decisions, and communicate more effectively. 

I believe this future is inevitable. I also believe that your best agent will be you. Or, more to the point, a digital double of you.  One that looks exactly like you... to the millimeter. 

This is what I’ve dedicated my life to creating. Me and my team create digital doubles and make avatars that are in your likeness and we want to make them available to everyone. 

Capabilites and Services

Our state-of-the-art portable system can travel just about anywhere to accommodate your project. We offer competitive pricing for our xxArray 3D scanning, production, and development  services. 

xxArray™ Technology

BlueVishnu combines a high resolution 3D capture stage with a sophisticated post processing pipeline that reduces the effort needed to produce and access a photorealistic 3D human character avatar. The capture hardware and the software are designed in parallel to maximize automation and make the service highly accessible. The result is a “future-proof” asset stack captured at the highest fidelity practical, to create assets usable long into the future with a wide range of applicaions.

The xxArray™ uses passive stereo photogrammetry to generate geometry and high-res textures. The capture itself is done in an instant, which is a huge advantage over traditional laser or structured light scanners that can be time consuming and produce little if any texture data.