Frequently Asked Questions

+ Do you provide hair/makeup, models, and additional crew?

Because we are a full production company, we can absolutely provide services in casting wardrobe styling, make up, groomer, hair styling, SFX make-up, casting services, catering, and valet. Since our DNA is in entertainment, we have access to a multitude of outlets. We do charge an additional fee.

+ Can you walk us through a production day?

3D scanning is a lot like a photo shoot, (except we get to use a few more cameras). The xxArray is portable and BlueVishnu team can travel to any location for the 3D scan and performance capture or we can shoot in studio. NEED COPY

+ Can you scan anything or just humans?

Our focus is scanning people, but we do make exceptions. For larger scale projects, we would be happy to include scanning just about anything.

+ Where is the avatar factory located?

We currently have two scan locations. Our headquarters are located at 3256 Kazaz Lane, 90039 in Atwater village, CA. Our second location is at the UploadVR facility located at 4505 Glencoe Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.