Paving the way for the avatar future

We have a dream to create a platform for both healthy individuals who want to better their lives and for those in poor health who need support in altering their lifestyle. We want to supplement visual data, wearable health tech, and digital interactive content giving you the tools you need to thrive. Once fully developed, our platform can be an industry standard used by health care professionals, individuals, fitness trainers, and more. Your realistic 3D self merged with to data tracking sets, not only will amplify the rapidly growing Health and tech industry, but will also help a lot of people succeed in what ever goal they set their minds to.   


Jesse Fox, a doctoral candidate in the Communication Department and a researcher at the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab has been studying human interaction between digital avatars and human subjects at Stanford University. Jesseโ€™s research and others have found that using personal avatars can motivate subjects to change their lifestyle. *For example, if you saw your digital self in a visually unhealthy state (e.g. overweight, pale, bags under the eyes, skin irritation, etc.), you will be more likely to make drastic life changes to better improve unwanted appearance based issues by exercising, going outside, sleeping right, quitting smoking, etc.  

Blue Vishnu is on a mission to test subjects to find out what we as human beings need to reach our potential. Through this collaborative developmental phase, we will design a platform that will benefit humanity. We are also working to expand our program by bringing in medical, psychiatric, fitness and technology professionals.



Sound bodies and sound minds are key to help humanity thrive in our exploration towards the future. Using Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, AR, VR, MR, & more, Blue Vishnu will lead the golden age of the avatar and the golden age of you.